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I want to preface this entry with a few comments. I will be talking a bit about race relations in the United States and I want to be clear that I am not an expert on the subject. The opinions that I give are just that. I have taken a few classes at UNF that have dealt with race issues, like the Civil Rights Movement and a sociology class or two, but it takes someone with years of experience to give an educated viewpoint. This obviously will not stop me from providing my ignoble observations. I certainly do not want to say that I am representing the views of my school or the City of Jacksonville. So enough of the paid program disclosures and on with the writtin’.

Back in the mid-twentieth century, Jacksonville used incinerator plants as means to rid the city of solid waste.  There were many plants around town and some were even close to residential areas.  After the plants closed due to more modern waste management methods, the land where the plants once occupied were often redeveloped.  Recent studies have shown, however, that these plants have contributed to ground and water pollution with deposits of harmful chemicals, including lead.  

One of the areas that was due to higher levels of lead was an elementary school called Forest Park in North Riverside.


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